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Grain production

Within 25 years of existence, the Company has established itself as one of the biggest farmers. Agroelit develops large-scale farming on the land of Targovishte region. We invest in the production of high quality grains and oil-bearing seeds – wheat, barley, rape seed, sunflower, corn etc. In order to ensure production, Agroelit operates one of the most updated and highly productive machine and tractor farms. The Company’s agricultural equipment is manufactured by the world’s top makers established as leaders in their respective fields - John Deere, CASE IH, Kverneland, Horsch, Tecnoma etc. To guarantee the quality of its production, the Company has built grain depots with a total area of 100 daa located in the villages of Buynovo and Makariopolsko in Targovishte region. The Company operates silo-type storage facilities equipped with drying and cleaning machines made by the leading American manufacturer GSI International and also complemented by multifunctional flat store houses. The total capacity of the storage facilities exceeds 100 000 tons of production. Over the years, the high professionalism of Agroelit has been testified to by such prizes as the “Agro Businessman 1997”, the ‘Euro Farmer 2007”, as well as the Agro Businessman of the Transition” awarded in 2010 to the Company owner Mr Bozhidar Mitov.